About HappyDance Festival

Dear friends!4 November 2017 we invite you to the Open international tournament in ballroom dancing "HAPPY DANCE 2017".The tournament will be held under the auspices of the Amateur League of the world Dance Council (WDC AL) and the...

WDC AL World Dance Council Amateur League

The World Dance Council is the worlds leading dance organisation.

RTS Russian Dance Union

Russian dance Union (RDU) conducts the history since 1987. In that year, when the all-Union musical society was formed, the Creative Commission of ballroom dance, which was a prototype RTS. Its Chairman became the leading Soviet dancer Stanislav Popov.

SPTS St. Petersburg Dance Union

SPTS is a Regional public organization for dance enthusiasts and professional dancers, educators and arbitrators. The Union was created in September 2008, shortly after becoming a structural subdivision of the Russian Dance Union (RDU), and in the future - a membership organization Union of Public Organizations "Russian Amateur Dance Liga(RDAL), which is representative of the Amateur League of the world Dance Alliance (WDCAL) in Russia.

Club Aktiv Dance club

Dance club Aktiv!

The jazz band under the direction of Michael Fenster "Jazz Inside"

Best moments!

  • WDC AL

    WDC AL

  • РТС


  • SPDU


  • Клуб Актив

    Клуб Актив

  • Crowne Plaza

    Crowne Plaza

  • Dance Line

    Dance Line

  • Mental Shop

    Mental Shop

  • Norway Park

    Norway Park

  • Angry Birds

    Angry Birds